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At Cepal, 50% of employees are in the 36 – 45 age group, as a large number of positions require years of experience and, in many roles, industry knowledge. The Company, with a focus on performance and goal achievement, provides opportunities for rapid employee development in an environment designed for learning and development. Recognizing contributions to the team and the Company’s objectives, performance is rewarded with employees receiving competitive compensation and benefits. As diversity in the work environment fosters creative thinking and enhances innovation in the organization, each employee brings its own unique experience, skills and knowledge, leaving a personal imprint on the daily life and culture of the Company.

Cepal offers employees a range of self-suited developmental activities that focus on their best and fastest possible career advancement. We focus on the development of our people, innovating to credibly and effectively achieve our vision. We shape developments in the financial services industry and seek people who can create solutions based on the latest technological advances, ensuring the maximum benefits for debtors.


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