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Portfolio Analytics & Product Strategies

The cornerstones of our Company are innovation and data-driven decision making. Our Business Intelligence team uses cutting-edge technologies and applies advanced statistical analysis methods, transforming data into product strategies and viable solutions for debtors. Become part of Cepal’s Business Intelligence team. 


Debtors look to us for viable solutions in order to determine their financial planning. Our Frontline team communicates with debtors and holds face-to-face meetings with them when required in order to plan and arrive at the most appropriate plan of action according to their needs. If you are interested in joining the team that manages and communicates with individual debtors or businesses, you will find the available positions in the relevant link at the bottom of the page.


Support Functions

At Cepal we believe in the power of We. We ensure the achievement of our goals and maintain our leadership position through the smooth operation of our services, systems and processes. We build workflows that ensure data quality and accuracy.  Our Operations, Middle Office, Credit & Judicial teams provide the expertise required to create optimal solutions.

Real Estate

From real estate valuations to investment strategy, our Real Estate team relies on deep market knowledge, tool development, and advanced know-how to serve as the strategic pillar of the organization. It combines financial, legal, and engineering knowledge while also developing solutions that satisfy valuations, portfolio strategies, commercialization and asset management.

Corporate Functions

Our Central Units provide strategic guidance to all of the Company’s functions. From HR and Non -Financial Risk to Finance and Legal, skilled executives apply modern best practices to ensure Cepal’s smooth functioning.